Drill Point Die


Our drilling point design comes from year of experience in OEM, ODM, and through the development of our own BDN Fasteners® brand. As not all substrates are created equal, varying in size, thickness, and hardness. Our drilling points design can be customized to provide better pinpointing, less wandering, and penetrate different substrates. We are also able to provide post processing recommendations, such as heat-treatment for optimal surface and core hardness, and surface treatment for better lubrication and penetrability.

Aside from drilling performance, our dies are also made to last longer than competitors’ products through meticulous choice of material, and quality control during production process.

Research and Development

R&D play a crucial role in our drilling point die manufacturing. We work closely with major fastener companies worldwide, providing solutions to their needs, solving problems that happen on-site through real-world, end-user feedback.  We all know that field practices beat theoretical discussions every time.

Stringent Quality Control

A good design is useless without implementation. Implementation is worthless if not combined with meticulous care during the process. We make sure that quality is controlled through every step, from material preparation, manufacturing, all the way to testing the finished product.