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BDN FASTENERS® - 100% Made in Taiwan

The BDN FASTENERS® brand was established in 2014 and a goal of becoming the best self-drilling screw manufacturer and brand in Asia.

With knowledge and experience gained from years of working with fastener companies around the globe, this small yet humble Taiwanese self-drilling screw manufacturer has slowly but steadily gained reputation for its product quality within the fasteners industry, both locally and abroad.

BDN FASTENERS® offer a full range of self-drilling and self-tapping screws that drill, tap threads, and fasten in one swift process. Our inventory consists of Australian AS3566 screws, which are ideal for steel-to-timber and steel-to-steel applications and are available in different coating options such as Ruspert or Mechanical Zinc plating to combat corrosion in light or heavily weathered areas.

All BDN FASTENERS® undergo stringent in-house quality control to guarantee fast and stable drilling performance, and are regularly tested by accredited 3rd party laboratories for independent and impartial certification.

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