About Broaden

Established in 2009, Broaden Worldwide Co., Ltd is an ISO-9001 Certified Quality Supplier-Manufacturer of Australian Standard AS3566 self-drilling and self-tapping screws in various coatings for steel to steel to steel to timber applications.

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Broaden Company - Leading Taiwanese manufacturer of high-performance fasteners.

Quality control starts from the very beginning.

Broaden source wire from CSC Taiwan for all of our production. Our production consists of the three most critical steps of fastener pre-production – Heading, Pinch Pointing, and Threading.

Post processes such as Heat Treatment, Plating, and Surface Treatment are outsourced to local professionals in their respective fields.

Annual production capacity is 800 tons per month, which translates to 480 containers per year, or 40 containers per month.

For fast delivery and competitive pricing, all the products from fasteners to collated screws, are all packaged in-house, and goes through another round of quality inspection procedures before shipping out.

Here at Broaden, innovation plays a big part in our organization, and we are constantly in development of combining new material and new manufacturing processes to further improve our products and quality. We also work closely with customers and partners to stay on the cutting edge.



Broaden Worldwide Co., Ltd. Established in 2009 and began the trade of selling construction fasteners.


BDN Fasteners® HQ (TAIWAN) BDN Fasteners®, the 100% made in Taiwan brand, steps into the fasteners scene.


BDN Fasteners® OFFICE (THAILAND) BDN Fasteners® Thailand was established in 2015 and set up as a base for sales and promotion of BDN Fasteners® in ASEAN countries.


BDN Fasteners® takes a major step forward and builds a new facility dedicated to Heading, Threading, and Pinch Pointing processes – maximizing speed and efficiency, taking our service and quality to the next level.


Despite hard times, BDN Fasteners® takes yet another bold step forwards, relocating to a larger storage and packaging facility for better logistics, accommodate additional personnel, and new packaging machinery.


BDN Fasteners® OFFICE (INDIA) BDN FASTENERS PVT.LTD. was established in the end of July, 2018 for sales in Indian market.


BDN Fasteners® takes another bold step forwards, moving our packaging and warehouse facility to a larger area to provide better, faster service in the future.


Despite the outburst of COVID-19 and the world going topsy-turvy, BDN Fasteners has taken advantage of the calm within the storm, expanding of Our facility, and adding multiple collated screw assembly lines, fully prepared once the global economy bounces back to pre-pandemic levels.

Quality Certification

To show our commitment to being a trustworthy supplier, and provide the best product and services, BDN Fasteners@ are manufactured and quality controlled following ISO standards, and is of course, ISO-9001:2015 certified.

Through hard work and passion, Broaden Worldwide Co., LTD has planted a seed within the Taiwan fastener industry, slowly but steadily bringing new ideas into the business, with a goal to spread and grow throughout the fastener industry and eventually around the globe like bushfire.


Broaden operates 2 business models, OEM and Own Brand BDN Fasteners.

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  • Headquarters: 350 sqm
  • Packaging Facility: 3000 sqm
  • Screw Manufacturing Factory 1: 2300 sqm
  • Screw Manufacturing Factory 2: 700 sqm
  • Branch: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Own Brand: BDN Fasteners
  • Capacity: 800 metric tons or approx. 40 containers per month
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  • Screw Manufacturing: Heading / Pinch Pointing / Threading
  • Assembly: Washer Assembly / Collated Screws Assembly
  • Packaging: Small Bags, Small Cartons, Bulk, Pallet Cartons, Pallet Packing.
  • Design: Customized Screws / Customized Packaging
  • Quality Control: Dedicated in-house test facility at Headquarters and every Screw Manufacturing Factory.
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Product Portfolio

Roof Screws, Self-Drilling Screws, Heavy Duty Self-Drilling Screws

Type-17 Screw, Timber Screw, Polycarbonate Roof Fasteners

Drywall Screw, Collated Screws, Bi-metal screw

  • Sizes: M3.5~M6.3
  • Length: 400mm max.
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Main Markets

Americas, Australia, Cambodia, India, Myanmar, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom, Vietnam.

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Ongoing Development and Future Plans

  • FM Approvals
  • ETA Approvals
  • Pinch Pointing Die Manufacturing
  • CBAM (working with MIRDC)
  • New Plant Construction
  • Market expansion to N. Thailand.
  • JV Plans in new markets

Quality Certification

To show our commitment to being a trustworthy supplier, and provide the best product and services, are manufactured and quality controlled following ISO standards, and is of course, ISO-9001:2015 certified.

IOS 9001 Certificate
EN 14566 Certificate
D-U-N-S® Certified