Roofing Screw / Farmer Screws

Roofing Screw-4

Roofing and cladding to Timber

● Construction screws for fastening roofing and cladding to timber.
● Bonded EPDM sealing washer.
● Powder painted head.

Roofing Screw-Farmer Screws(RAL Colors)

Roofing Screw-Farmer Screws
Dimension Drilling Point Drill Capacity (mm)
M4.8 x 20 No.2 1.6
M4.8 x 28 No.2 1.6
M4.8 x 35 No.2 1.6
M4.8 x 55 No.2 1.6
M4.8 x 70 No.2 1.6