Broaden Worldwide Co., LTD_Taiwan Fastener Manufacturer


Your Strong Fastening Partner

Established in 2009, Broaden Worldwide Co., LTD consists of eight facilities that combine the crucial elements of fastener production.

Quality control starts from the very beginning.

Broaden uses wire from CSC Taiwan for all of our fastener production. Our production consists of the three most critical steps of fastener pre-production – heading, pinch pointing, and threading.

Post processes such as Heat Treatment, Plating, and Ruspert coating are outsourced to professionals in their respective fields.

Annual production capacity is 600 tons per month, which translates to 360 containers per year, or 30 containers per month.

For fast delivery and competitive pricing, all of the products from fasteners to collated screws, are all packaged in-house, and goes through another round of quality inspection procedures before shipping out.



Here at Broaden, innovation plays a big part in our organization, and we are constantly in development of combining new material and new manufacturing processes to further improve our products and quality. We also work closely with customers and partners to stay on the cutting edge.

Broaden aims to provide customers with the highest quality product at a competitive price. Thrive for perfection with your strong fastening partner – Broaden, your unfair advantage.


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